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  1. The EU VAT/EORI Reform

    The EU VAT/EORI Reform

    Effective 1,July 2021,there are significant changes to the European Union’s Value Added Tax (VAT) /EORI rules applying to the online sales of goods.If you purchase the products from outsides the EU country or United Kingdom,these change may impact the cost of import duty.

    There were previously no VAT applied to them if you purchase the product from the outsides the EU up to a value of €22 ,but now the EU has decided to end this exemption as of 1st,July 2021 .All the goods import to EU country/UK should be paid for the VAT/EORI tax and corresponding duty.

    What do you need to know as a consumer ?

    1.What is VAT/EORI ?

    VAT: Value Added Tax is the tax you have to pay when you buy goods or services. If you sell, supply or transfer goods to someone in another country it may need the VAT. EORI:Economic Operators Registration and Identification number and is required for business which import or export goods into or out of the EU /UK.

    2.How much would

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  2. Courier Delivery Service Impact of COVID-19

    Courier Delivery Service Impact of COVID-19

    Affected by the epidemic and due to your local courier policy implement the no-contact delivery, the drivers would follow your local current operating procedures to attempt to complete delivery.

    For the safety and well-being of couriers and customers, In efforts to minimize physical interactions, the couriers will now only seek verbal confirmation of delivery for most shipments. This means that the recipients will not be asked to sign for most deliveries, until further notice. The courier are allowed to put the package to the porch of the correct address and no need to collect the recipient signature,then they could leave and the whole delivery is completed.

    Recently due to non-contact policy implement in the US and Canada,some customers feedback to us the package was lost or stolen .

    In order to reduce and avoid this issue happened,we suggest that:

    1. Once the package sent out after 3-4 days,the customer could keep tracking your package in the next f

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