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  1. April 12, 2021

    Labor Day Holiday Announcement

    Dear customers, The 2021 Labor Day Holiday is coming near,we are writing this announcement to inform you that our office will be closed on the 1st- 5th ,May of the Labor Day Holiday. During…
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  2. March 29, 2021

    Qingming Festival Announcement

    Dear customer, Hope you all fine and doing well. The Qingming Festival of 2021 is approaching,which is an important observance for people of Chinese heritage . People visit the tombs to clean them, to say prayers for their dearly…
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  3. March 06, 2021

    Women's Day 8% Off Discount Announcement

    Dear customer,How is everything ?We hope you are in the best of health and full of energy in this new spring season. To celebrate the coming Women's Day,Girlmerry as for a wholesaler for women's clothes mainly,our company…
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  4. September 03, 2020

    Girlmerry 11 anniversary

    In September 2020, Girlmerry celebrated its 11th birthday ,in the past time, Girlmerry is growing up step by step with the stable source of the supply,numerous customer’s group ,steady logistic system and best customer’s…
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  5. March 04, 2020

    Protection and sterilization

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government has adopted rapid and effective protective measures. As of March 3, 2019, the epidemic situation has been well contained, and most of China's provinces have had no new…
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  6. September 03, 2019

    girlmerry 10th anniversary celebration

    Dear customers:      We are very happy and honored to celebrate Girlmerry 10th anniversary with you on September.      First of all. this is a very memorable moment because with…
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  7. June 18, 2019

    Feedbacks from our lovely clients

          It is our pleasure to cooperate with these lovely clients, we will continue to improve ourselves, we will do…
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  8. August 08, 2018

    DHL - On Demand Delivery

    On Demand Delivery offers maximum customer satisfaction From now on your customers will receive their online purchases when it suits them. DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD) offers recipients various handy and flexible delivery options. In…
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  9. July 25, 2017 new update is a woman clothes wholesale website which is selling fashion, sexy and high-quality clothes. For all these years, we keep trying to provide our customer a better shopping experience and a better service. Our order…
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  10. November 04, 2016

    Download Pics&Save Images

    when you into the products page,you can see a red mark, Click it then you can download the pics
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  11. November 04, 2016

    How to place a drop ship order?

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  12. June 29, 2016

    Products Real-Shot Service

         Since the beginning of March 2016, our products all come with the real-shoot pics.      Through these…
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  13. June 28, 2016


         For your more convenient purchasing, Please take a few minutes to read this article. The website:…
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