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  1. April 23, 2019

    Labour Day Holiday announcement

    Dear customer Labor Day is coming soon! according to the regulation of national annual leaves and memorial days, the holiday for labor day will be 4 days from May 1st (Wednesday)to May 4th (Saturday).we will…
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  2. March 27, 2019

    Qingming Festival Holiday Announcement

    Dear customer     Thank you so much for accompanying us for another year .We are appreciate your support and trust .Due to Ching Ming Festival is coming, the current holiday announcement is as follows :     April.5th(Friday )…
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  3. January 05, 2019

    2019 Happy Chinese New Year

    Spring Festival Holiday Announcement  Dear customer At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is updated, and all the…
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  4. November 10, 2018

    Black Friday and Thanksgiving promotions

    Dear customer Black Friday and Thanksgiving day is coming ! On November 11st to 30th,2018,we will hold the promotion activity of the black Friday and Thanksgiving Day for three weeks. During this period, all the…
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  5. September 25, 2018

    National Day

    Dear customer   Thank you for your continuous support to our company . Due to the arrival of the National Day, the current holiday announcement is as follows :Oct 1st (Monday) to Oct 4th (Thursday)…
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  6. September 04, 2018

    Anniversary Celebration

    Dear customer, Our anniversary celebration is coming! On September 5st to 20th,2018,we will hold the promotion activity of the anniversary celebration for two weeks. During this period, all the orders will…
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  7. August 08, 2018

    DHL - On Demand Delivery

    On Demand Delivery offers maximum customer satisfaction From now on your customers will receive their online purchases when it suits them. DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD) offers recipients various handy and flexible delivery options. In…
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  8. July 25, 2017 new update is a woman clothes wholesale website which is selling fashion, sexy and high-quality clothes. For all these years, we keep trying to provide our customer a better shopping experience and a better service. Our order…
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  9. July 08, 2017

    We will Cancel the USPS

        To provide you a better shopping experience, and a better service, we decided to cancel the United States Postal Service(USPS)     As we all know, Compared to Fedex and DHL, USPS is the slowest shipping, and the…
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  10. November 04, 2016

    Download Pics&Save Images

    when you into the products page,you can see a red mark, Click it then you can download the pics
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  11. November 04, 2016

    How to place a drop ship order?

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  12. June 29, 2016

    Products Real-Shot Service

         Since the beginning of March 2016, our products all come with the real-shoot pics.      Through these…
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  13. June 28, 2016


         For your more convenient purchasing, Please take a few minutes to read this article. The website:…
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