Day after day, year after year,Girlmerry's purpose is to center on the customer's feelings, the following is a 2021-2022 work report from Girlmerry.

    These are the work we have done:

    1.Girlmerry's APP is officially launched! Our APP is faster,easier and convenient to use,and it's also faster and easier to track the order and the package.

    More information:

    2.We have launched our personal style customization service(Not only for the private label and tag,also include the clothes and swimsuit).We are experienced and skilled in the produ

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  2. New Shipping Methods Are On Line!

    New Shipping Methods Are On Line!

    Due to COVID-19 and the war, international fuel costs have been high and international shipping costs have risen, so in order to help our customers save money,we listen to our customers' suggestions and try to find cheaper,safer shipping methods from multiple channels.We have also found three suitable new transport methods.


    Now there are three new shipping methods online, customers can choose according to their needs.

    A.25 - 35 Days Matson Shipping(Tax Included)

    Available Countries: Only for US

    Lifting Weight:21KG and above.

    Once the package arrives locally, it will be delivered by the local UPS or FedEx.


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  3. Girlmerry App is officially launched

    Girlmerry App is officially launched


    Would you like to know the exact location of your package?

    Would you like to be able to submit orders while you are

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  4. Personalized Service :Label & Tag

    Personalized Service :Label & Tag


         With the increasingly fierce brand competition in the market,the label and tag have gradually become important.Private label and tag would increase the customer personal brand awareness and influence ,complete the brand integrity.

         In order to meet our customer strong demand for customizing label and tag,Girlmerry is decided to launch this featured service for our customer.

         Labels & Tags sample for your reference :





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  5. The introduction of girlmerry model real shot

     The introduction of girlmerry model real shot


    It is an unswerving working beliefs in all Girlmerry employee’s mind to provide customers with real and high-quality products, fast shipping ,and superior service. 

    In order to make our customers to clearly know the quality, fabric, and details of the items what you purchase. we have always insisted on providing customers with real shots of models (mannequin picture) and product video displays since 2014, and quality checking all products one by one first then arrange to be delivered to your hand.

    Therefore, we received a lot of praise and feedback from customers on product’s quality. In the future, we will continue to optimize the website to provide customers with more comprehensive product information ,as

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  6. The EU VAT/EORI Reform

    The EU VAT/EORI Reform

    Effective 1,July 2021,there are significant changes to the European Union’s Value Added Tax (VAT) /EORI rules applying to the online sales of goods.If you purchase the products from outsides the EU country or United Kingdom,these change may impact the cost of import duty.

    There were previously no VAT applied to them if you purchase the product from the outsides the EU up to a value of €22 ,but now the EU has decided to end this exemption as of 1st,July 2021 .All the goods import to EU country/UK should be paid for the VAT/EORI tax and corresponding duty.

    What do you need to know as a consumer ?

    1.What is VAT/EORI ?

    VAT: Value Added Tax is the tax you have to pay when you buy goods or services. If you sell, supply or transfer goods to someone in another country it may need the VAT. EORI:Economic Operators Registration and Identification number and is required for business which import or export goods into or out of the EU /UK.

    2.How much would

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