To provide you a better shopping experience, and a better service, we decided to cancel the United States Postal Service(USPS)

    As we all know, Compared to Fedex and DHL, USPS is the slowest shipping, and the speed of delivery is very unstable. Sometimes the arrival time takes more than 30days and we can’t change the address after we send out the packages.

    Recently, We got many complaints from the drop-shipper, most of them wrote a wrong address, it leads to the failure of delivery. USPS won’t change the address for us, and they’ll charge us a high fee for returning the packages.

So, in order to avoid the loss for both of us, we decided that after July 10th, we will cancel the USPS option on our website.

    We have another cheap and fast shipping (FedEx-IP) to replace it, the small packages, we recommend you to choose the FedEx IP, we have got the lowest discount from the FedEx. FedEx IP is the cheapest shipping now, and the most important thing is, it is same fast with the DHL (3-5days).

    So the drop ship clients, please change your shipping mode, and make sure to write the correct address when you check out, FedEx can change the shipping address after we ship the goods, but they also charge a high fee for this, sometimes the fee of changing address is higher than the amount of your original order.

    So please check your address carefully after you checked out, and if you find that you put a wrong address, please contact us immediately, send your order number and the correct address info to our email:, we will exchange it before we ship your order. If you inform us after we shipped your order, you need to pay the change address fee.

    If you have any questions, please send email to

    Please note that we will cancel the USPS after July 15th.