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( All the information of this article,are our testing needs,not real customer information)


1.Add products to your shipping cart first:


2.Go to check out page:choose courier

3.Choose the payment way: PayPal,Western Union and Bank Transfer


4.Order Discount: (If you don't have any coupon or credit,Please ignore it)

5.Go to check out.

    If you choose Western Union or bank transfer to payment,please send us the payment info asap.

    After you payment,you will get an email about your order information.




Sign in your account. go to the order page,you can see all of your orders.

Order Status:Complete


Order Status:processing

  1.we are processing your order( processing time is 1-6days)

  2.we shipped your order,but we owe you some items.

     We are doing wholesale, and we have thousands of products, we may not have the merchandise you have ordered.

    We will notify you by e-mail,you can replace with other items, or we resend the item to you when they back to stock, or we can refund the money to you.

    After we resend or refund,you order status will become to "complete".

    You can see the detail in your order page:

   We ship your order separately

   In these two cases we will send your order separately:

   1. We owe you some items,but they will arrive soon,and you would like to wait.then we will ship other in stock items first,will resend the missing items when they back to stock.

   2. Your order is too large.when your order over 3000usd,then we will depending on your package weight to separate ship your order.

      Separate ship the goods can make customs clearance easier.

      All packages usually can arrival at same time,even if they can not arrive at sane time, usually the other packages can arrive at the next day.

      You can see all tracking info in the order detail page.


     when items out of stock,we can refund the item's money and excess shipping to you.

     1.Refund to your store credit,then you can use it when next time you place order.

     2.If you don't want we refund to your store credit,then we also can refund to your paypal.

     3.If you paid by Western Union or bank transfer,then only refund to your store credit.

     you can see the refund detail in the order page and credit page.