In September 2020, Girlmerry celebrated its 11th birthday ,in the past time, Girlmerry is growing up step by step with the stable source of the supply,numerous customer’s group ,steady logistic system and best customer’s service.but all of these achievement we made,it cant leave without our customer’s long-term support.

For years,offering the excellent products and quality service to work with our client are our all Girlmerry staff’s faith,we keep it in our mind.Thanks a lot for the patience and understanding from our loving and kind customers,because of you, Girlmerry could improving and growing. In order to gratitude all our customers for their support and love sincerely,Girlmerry would give all the Order 10% OFF discount from 5th-25th,Sept.

The development of a company cant leave without a group of our staff ,all our lovely Girlmerry employees ,who dedicated, professional, carefully to finish their work.They have innocent smiles and kind hearts .Therefore, in order to give back to our staff, September 13-17th,Girlmerry staff will go out to traveling. During this time,the order can’t be processed , but you could place the order freely. the order will start to processing after the 18th,Sept. sorry for the inconvenience cause to you.

We would strive to provide more better and comprehensive services in the future, and keep moving forward.we will do better and better.

Last but not least, hope everyone be healthy and happy.